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Cloud Computing

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Published on: October 6, 2010

I have recently discovered Amazon's S3 and EC2 services and think they're pretty cool. Originally, I considered them my first foray into “cloud computing” but then realized I've been using Google's email service for quite a while. There's also the fact that I give software updates via my web site and I store backups off-site[…]


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Published on: June 13, 2007

I should've stayed with my first instincts, but I'm a fiddler. No, not the kind that makes music with a bow, but the kind that just isn't satisfied with how things are and must keep fiddling with stuff seeking that constantly elusive state of perfection. You see, I had installed CentOS on the new server,[…]

Ubiquitous USB

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Published on: May 6, 2007

I opened the box of the new server for the Beaverton SDA Church and was reminded that we didn't order a keyboard or mouse to go with it. At first this makes sense–why not just use the one we have on the old server? Well, the old server is, uh, old! Like over 8 years.[…]

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