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Linux, Lazarus, and Lots of scripting

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Published on: June 9, 2015

A friend of mine runs a business selling a Windows application for a niche market. Of course he has a web site with lots of information and a way to download a trial of his software and then pay and register it. Since he’s a technical person, likes writing code, likes to keep overhead low,[…]

Raspberry Pi Distractions

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Published on: February 28, 2015

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time with RemObjects products (mostly Oxygene and Hydra) over the last several months and haven’t kept up my blog on those subjects like I intended. But another distraction is taking an increasing interest as more of a fun hobby than a dire need that will make me[…]

Return to the Familiar

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Published on: November 15, 2007

Well, it's been a while since my last blog entry. But after the triumpful ending of my last post, it was hard to admit what ensued next. Yes, I finally got VMWare installed on Linux CentOS, but that was as far as I got with it. Try as I might, I could not get any[…]


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Published on: June 15, 2007

In the old days, playing around with Linux and installing programs and such was quite a chore. Typically, only students and geeks without any social life knew how to make their systems sing and dance. All the business professionals know that time is money. So Windows was the natural choice because to install a new[…]


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Published on: June 13, 2007

I should've stayed with my first instincts, but I'm a fiddler. No, not the kind that makes music with a bow, but the kind that just isn't satisfied with how things are and must keep fiddling with stuff seeking that constantly elusive state of perfection. You see, I had installed CentOS on the new server,[…]


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Published on: May 9, 2007

With the USB keyboard and mouse attached, I started the new Dell server's “Installation” CD before doing anything else. Somehow, it knows I haven't done this before and presents the typical user agreement form that must be accepted before continuing. Actually, that happened at the BIOS boot-up level, come to think of it. (Dell has[…]


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Published on: May 1, 2007

I'm on the computer committee of the Beaverton SDA Church and we need to replace the old server (which is used mostly for file storage among the 4 office staff). Some believe it to be at least 8 years old. We're all amazed it's still running. It has SCSI drives that are starting to make[…]

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